9. Trimming and Curing

Trimming marijuana leaf plant

Trimming the Leaves

What you’ll need for the trimming and curing process:

  • Wide-mouthed Mason jars and/or large plastic Tupperware containers
  • Spring-loaded trimming scissors
  • Latex gloves

Trimming away extraneous leaves is common practice among growers. If you’ve bought marijuana from a dispensary you’ll notice they’re trimmed very tightly. This excessive trimming is more for aesthetics than anything else.

A reasonable trim allows the buds to dry more evenly and improves taste. Just how much trimming you will do is up to you, but it’s a good idea to cut down the obviously larger leaves. Remember to put on your gloves before you begin the trimming process as they can get really sticky at this point. If you forget, rubbing alcohol quickly gets your fingers unstuck!

You can throw the rounded trimmed buds directly into your containers. Don’t fill the jars entirely, but leave a bit of room for the air to flow for the curing process.


Curing and Storing

Ganja stored in mason jarsCuring consists of two major parts: slow drying and storing in jars to maximize potency and taste. Like all artisanal products, carefully crafted marijuana is infinitely more valuable than hastily harvested buds. Although this process takes extra effort to complete, it significantly enhances the smoking experience. The difference between a smooth draw versus a rough inhale that can leave you coughing for minutes.

Note that if you shake the jar and the buds stick together, you need to let them sit in the jar with the lid off. If the buds form clumps when shaken around, then you should let them out to dry, as they are too moist. If they feel very moist when you store them in the jar, you’re practically inviting mould to set in.

The curing process within the jars takes about 14 days. For the first week, open the lid twice a day and allow them to ‘breathe’ for about 15 minutes. This will even out any remaining moisture and circulate the air.

And voila, the process is finally complete. Take the time to roll a beautiful joint and enjoy the fruits of your labour. You’ve literally saved thousands of dollars by growing DIY, and it will easily be some of the best, highest quality bud you’ve ever smoked!

woman rolling weed into joint

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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