2. Marijuana Economics

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Legal Home Grow Econ 101 

The Ganjanomics – Marijuana Grow Tool is one of the best resources on the internet to assess the potential significant savings of your DIY grow. You can try it out right here.

Let’s look at a real life example comparing two hobby gardeners in Colorado–one who grows tomatoes and one who grows marijuana. The gardener who grows marijuana would achieve a significant savings of nearly $4,935 relative to purchasing marijuana at a dispensary, 5.5x more savings than the tomato grower.

Why you should grow marijuana infographic

Quality and Yield Increase the Value of Your Harvest

The graphic below (using data from priceofweed.com) best illustrates the high correlation between quality (THC content) and price. The higher the potency the more valuable the grow. High quality weed (top one-third of reported) sells at roughly 3x the value of low-quality weed (bottom 1/3 reported). THC content matters a lot. Clearly growers have got that message –the Canadian government notes that ‘the THC potency in dried cannabis has increased from an average of 3% in the 1980s to around 15% today.

US Price per gram of marijuana

Data: priceofweed.com. Author: Renzo Lucioni


Seed Selection to Maximize Yield, THC and Value

In terms of grow economics there are two main considerations when choosing the right strain to maximize the value of your grow: 1. Grow yield, 2. THC content.

Marijuana seed selection considerations

If you’re in a legal state with no limitations on outdoor marijuana plant height, focusing on seeds that maximize growth height/yield and highest THC content is definitely the best route to optimize the value of your grow. Seedsman has one of the best, most comprehensive seed selections on the internet and they discreetly deliver globally – find a suitable strain for your ideal grow. Sensi Seeds also has an excellent selection, however you must be a European resident to buy from them.


Culling the Males

For marijuana it’s the female plant that delivers the high potency flower that provides all the desired medicinal and relaxation properties. It’s vital to kill the male plants early for two main reasons:

  1. Males have significantly less THC and have essentially no market value
  2. If your female plants are pollinated from the males they will yield significantly less marijuana and lower THC.

Primarily for reason #2 it’s vital that you rid your garden of male plants as soon as you see them. Later in the book we explain more in-depth how to identify males early!

Male and female marijuana plants

Alternatively, we recommend that you buy feminized seeds or buy a clone of a high-potency female plant if you’re able to source it locally. This goes a long way towards eliminating the problem, but you still have to watch for hermaphrodites!


Harvest for Highest Level of THC

Harvesting your marijuana crop too early can result in meaningfully lower THC concentrations. It’s vital you harvest at the optimal time. We outline in more detail the various ways to determine when the optimal time to harvest is – it’s usually 6-7 weeks after flowering begins and when the pistils begin to turn brown.

Marijuana seed growth stages

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