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If you’ve never grown a thing in your life, no worries. We’ve written up this marijuana growing guide for beginners, and will walk you through the whole process step by step. Only thing we won’t do is hold your hand. 

Growing is easy and fun… and profitable. Ganja Hustle will get you from seed to MONSTER in no time. Read on…



The Ganja Hustle Philosophy

Marijuana Economics
Quality and Yield Increase the Value of Your Harvest
Seed Selection to Maximize Yield, THC and Value
Culling the Males
Harvest for Highest Level of THC 

Outdoor Grow Essentials
Tools and Supplies
Selecting a Suitable Site for your Outdoor Grow
Types of Soil

Indoor Grow Essentials
Step 1: Create a Proper Grow Area
Step 2: Which Grow Light is the Best?
Step 3: Choose a Growing Medium
Step 4: Choosing and Using Nutrients Wisely

From Seed to Seedling
Seed Considerations
Types of Cannabis Varieties
How to Germinate Your Marijuana Seeds
Transplanting your Marijuana Plants
Whatever You Do: Start Indoors!

From Seedling to Monster
When to Move Your Plant Outdoors
Pruning Techniques

Males Must Die
How Males Can Ruin your Crop
Identifying and Destroying Males
The Jack-in-the-Box: Hermaphrodites

Flowering and When to Harvest
What Is the Marijuana Flowering Phase
When to Harvest Your Plant
How to Harvest Your Plant
Hang ’em out to Dry!

Trimming and Curing
Trimming the Leaves
Curing and Storing

Marijuana Edibles – The Upgrade
Decarboxylation: Cooking With Ganja the Right Way
How to Decarboxylate Your Weed
Cannabutter: The Ultimate Way to Turn Your Ganja into Cookies!
Cannabis Oil: For the Serious Ganja Chef!

Nutrient Deficiencies
Environmental Stressors


1. The Ganja Hustle Philosophy

marijuana plants

We fundamentally believe growing marijuana DIY is one of the best decisions you can make for your mind, body, soul and wallet! Here’s why:

  1. Marijuana is legal now, let go of the stigma and grow! It’s the ultimate cash crop.
  2. Grow outdoors – it’s easy, fun, and produces the highest quality along with big yields.
  3. It’s called weed for a reason – don’t overcomplicate things, marijuana is a hardy and resilient plant.
  4. Get your hands dirty, have fun, and save a ton of money.
marijuana leaf

Photo by Rick Proctor on Unsplash

Legalization – The Greatest Gift for DIY Growers

The decriminalization of marijuana within a growing number of states in the US and all of Canada has ushered in a once-in-a-lifetime change in societal norms. A drug that was once viewed with high disdain and criminality is now being accepted for its powerful medicinal and relaxation benefits. There are currently nine states in the U.S. that are, or are on a pathway to, fully legalizing recreational marijuana use.

States legalized for recreational and medical use

Demand for legal marijuana is growing at a very healthy clip (30% per year), with future demand expected to match that of wine and beer. The graphic below shows the key areas of upside: If the entire country fully legalized recreational pot, it would take the market from $4 billion currently to over $40 billion (10x growth).

Cannabis annual sales

Given the trend towards recreational legalization it’s easier than ever for anybody to grow marijuana in their own homes. The table below presents the personal grow possession specifics for legal recreational states. Most states explicitly state that selling homegrown marijuana is illegal, however, enforcing that law is far more challenging. The Colorado experience proves that when prices rise there’s a strong response from the grey market (home grow).

State Possession Limits per Person Recreational Grow Limits per Household
California 28.5 grams 6 plants
Colorado 1 ounce 12 plants
Alaska 1 ounce 12 plants
Maine 2.5 ounces 18 plants
Massachusetts 1 ounce (public)

10 ounces (home)

12 plants
Nevada 1 ounce 6 plants (within 25 miles of dispensary)

12 plants (more than 25 miles of dispensary)

Oregon 8 ounces 4 plants
Washington 3 ounces N/A
Vermont 1 ounce 2 plants

Legalization presents a sizable opportunity for marijuana connoisseurs across the country to save very significant costs relative to purchasing product from a recreational or medical dispensary. Any seasoned hobby ganja-gardener will tell you that quality of their homegrown marijuana is at par or better than dispensaries and that it’s one of the easiest crops to grow DIY.


Why Growing Outdoors is the Best Option

Outdoor marijuana growing is not only incredibly cheaper than setting up an indoor growing area, but it’s also much easier and more rewarding as well. The only thing you need is your own private area, which can be as small as a backyard patio or the balcony of an apartment.

Contrary to what many prohibition-era indoor growers say, outdoor marijuana produces more abundant and better quality yields. The reason? Natural sunlight provides the perfect balance of wavelengths necessary for plant growth. Artificial lights simply can’t mimic Mother Nature’s greatest gift.  Additionally, if your marijuana plants are in a large enough container or if you plant directly into the ground growing monster plants over 6 feet is basically a given (some even grow more than 12 feet). This is something indoor growers simply can’t replicate.

The following table outlines the significant cost savings from growing outdoor vs. indoor in Colorado. For a novice to intermediate grower 1 outdoor plant can yield upwards of 250 grams at a cost of approximately $0.66/g , to yield an equivalent amount for indoor would require 2 harvests in a 1 plant indoor set-up and the associated cost would be $1.97/g.

Outdoor (1 grow period) Indoor (2 grow periods)
Cost of Grow $165 $435
Yield 250 grams 220 grams
Cost per gram $0.66/gram $1.97/gram
Time spent 15 hours 30 hours

Outdoor requires less money, less time, and less effort and yields more flower – need we go on!  Additionally, a marijuana plant that has abundant exposure to natural outdoor elements (sunlight, wind and rain) also yields a crop that’s far more enjoyable and smooth to smoke or consume and produces a high that is unparalleled.  Most indoor growing rigs are hydroponic, requiring significant amounts of manufactured nutrients to be added – creating Frankenstein buds that have a noticeable chemical effect and taste when smoked or consumed.

Ask any true pot connoisseur, outdoor is the gold standard!

Outdoor vs. Indoor Grow

A beautiful outdoor garden or an indoor spaceship setting, the choice is obvious

It’s Called ‘Weed’ for a Good Reason

Cannabis plant

Marijuana is called ‘weed’ because it quite literally is a weed. Despite the global witch-hunt to eradicate marijuana, it still grows abundantly in the wild in countries such as Afghanistan, Nepal, and India. Marijuana plants are much more rugged than popularly perceived and they don’t need as much care as self-proclaimed experts would make you think. If you look close enough you can even find marijuana growing in many public green spaces in North America, planted there by very crafty guerrilla gardeners.

Growing Marijuana isn’t Rocket Science, Have Fun!

Marijuana growing outdoors is guaranteed to put you in touch with nature, even if you’re not that type of person. There’s something magical about planting a seed and watching it grow into a tall tree. Even failure has its own a-ha moments that make you determined to do better next time. Our advice? Start slow, take your time, don’t spend too much and, most importantly, stop when you stop having fun!

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